Patient Reviews

Zachary A. Smith D.D.S.

Always satisfied when I attend my appt. Very friendly staff.
     - Mario E.
I arrived 30 minutes before my appointment and was taken in immediately. Very friendly and professional cleaning was accomplished. Dr. Smith came in and looked at a crown that had showed a little concern 6 months earlier and, in laymen's terms, explained to me what was happening and offered me solutions, leaving the decision totally up to me without any pressure to do a lot of dental work immediately. I was very concerned when Dr. Holleran sold his practice last year that his successor would be a high powered "salesman" type dentist that would scare, or pressure, you into unneeded dental procedures (I had a bad experience with an unscrupulous dentist years ago and have a lot of unnecessary crowns in my mouth right now that I was too vulnerable to say "no" to) I am thrilled that Dr. Smith is not that way, he is a competent, caring and friendly dentist that I hope to be with for the rest of my life.
     - Norma F.
I was nervous when I was told I had to have 2 small filings, but Dr. Smith made me feel relaxed and comfortable.
     - Dorsey C.
As always the staff and dentist are positive and caring. Always a pleasant experience regardless of the reason for the visit.
     - Debra K.
Staff was very friendly, Danny is very attention to detailed with his work. Very professional office.
     - Alejandra D.
Gentle, conservative dentistry delivered in a friendly, caring manner in a charmingly comfortable setting.
     - Ellen K.
I needed to have some dental work done and I was really afraid! They were so kind and helped me get through it! I didn't have any pain. They are super nice!
     - Aubri H.
For many years Tooth Acres has been very good for my wife and my oral health. Great, personalized service with much attention to detail. With the recent and "seamless" transition from Dr. Holleron to Dr. Smith, we plan to remain loyal to Tooth Acres.
     - Mark R.
Love not having a broken silver Mercury filling but a not noticeable porcelain one ... So pretty!
     - Kathy S.
Great care, friendly atmosphere and outstanding services. Thanks for fixing me up and taking care of my dental needs.
     - Anthony C.
Always a hassle free experience. I've been a patient there for almost two years and I don't plan on changing anytime soon.
     - Peter S.
Always the best! Thank you for years of care; I'm looking forward to many more.
     - Mark J.
All services were provided in a timely and friendly manner. I always appreciate the kindness of the staff, dental technician and the doctor.
     - Mary Ann A.
Great as always! I really like Dr. Smith and think he has taken over for Dr. Holleron seamlessly.
     - Lisa C.
The service is always the best! From Sheri, Danny to Dr.Smith, service is fabulous!
     - Cathy V.